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Youth Caught in Crosshairs of Cycles of Gun Violence. Is Anybody Listening?

JACKSON, Miss. — Cassio Batteast, a community advocate in Jackson, recently sat down with 20 of the students in the local school district who were causing the most trouble.

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Selective funding leaves public schools in the hole

Throughout its history, Mississippi policymakers have fought against the education of those who didn’t belong to their “club”.

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63 years after Brown, segregated classrooms persist in one Mississippi school district

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. — More than six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregated schools unconstitutional, one Mississippi school district has largely segregated classrooms — some all-black, some majority white.

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Public School Funding: War of Attrition

 As Thomas' fouth-grade class goes over a play they're recently read and acted out, Thomas stays close to help students if needed.

Shining Light. Exposing Darkness.

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